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KDL Garment Accessories Co., Ltd. is not just only a supplier but a partner to weave your business to sucess. Each of our garment accessories have their own attributes, therefore we have posted numerous online samples for you to review. Our garment accessories are manufactured to have excellent depth of detail, luxurious sensation to the touch and most importantly to be pleasing to the eye. We believe a work of craftsmanship should reflect skill and excellence. KDL garment accessories will help turn your project into a work of art from start to finish. Why choose KDL Garment Accessories Co., Ltd.? Quality and reasonable lower price. If your garment or project requires a high-end impression, we are your source. Beware of cheap imitations and “woven clothing labels” that are mass produced on outdated looms.

KDL Garment Accessories Co., Ltd. has more than 11 years manufacturing garment label, some skilled workers are still with us since the company established in 2004. Our garment accessories have been widely used in USA, CA, Austrilia and Euro and you will be convinced that www.kdllabels.com is your best choice for all of your labeling needs.

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